March 26, 2010

the debrief...

we got our discharge papers in the post today, and they make for some interesting reading. there are things in there that we did not know about, which is probably a good thing. big words confuse me.

the issues:
1extreme prematurity
2respiratory distress syndrome
3bronchopulmonary dysplasia ( chronic lung disease )
4patent ductus arteriosus
5intestinal perforation
6IVH of feotus/ neonate ( brain bleed - can be bad, was not in Harlows case)
7anaemia - prematurity
8retinopathy of prematurity grade 2
9breech delivery
10oedema of newborn
11scepticaemia - unspecified
12jaundice - prematurity
13necrotising enterocolitis - suspected
14pulmonary hemorrhage ( bleeding in the lungs )
 ( red = bad )
there are fourteen problems on this list. fourteen!!! how many issues can a baby have?

it then goes on to say that he required resuscitation at minute one, we did not know this. "initially poor resp with HR 90 - given 5x inflation breaths" good on those doctors... i had no idea that the actual delivery was THAT touch and go. blew me away when i read it.

then there is the treatments:
1SIMV/ assist control ( ventilator )
3low flow oxygen
4arterial catheter/ umbilical
5umbilical venous catheter
6long line
7ultrasound - head
8blood culture
9gutherie test
10xray - chest
11ultrasound - heart
12peritoneal drain insertion
14transfusion packed cells
 ( red = bad )

i guess thats one treatment per ailment. although, we have to keep in mind that there are a few of those treatments that occurred more than once. ie, there were 8 blood transfusions and several ultrasounds of the heart and head. his blood now has more culture in it than the russian ballet or boston philharmonic!

i dont know about you, dear reader, but i don't like the thought of babies being used as pin cushions. i have no problem with needles per se, but in babies....

what i do know, is that the lower list is what helped my boy stay alive when assailed by the top list.

can't say it enough, rock on the NICU...


  1. The poor little guy. Must be a huge relief to have him home.

  2. Woah he sure is a miracle kid. He had some serious probs! You a medical guru now Ritchie! He's as strong as an ox! e.v x