March 10, 2010

and there he goes...

well, he came, he saw, he refused to feed and he left again. that would have to be the shortest breakout in all of breakout history.

we bought him home, he lay in his bassinette, we went to bed. during the night he refused to take more than 50ml out of the bottle before he quit. this morning, it was 30ml and then he quit. so, he has gone back into NICU while a decision is made as to whether he has trouble feeding, or if he is a lazy bum.

so, we're back in a holding pattern. if he is going to be there for a while, i will have to go back to work and take more time off later, Justine will go back to spending afternoons in the hospital, the kids will go back to wanting mum home...


but! we will see what happens over the next few days...

update: he has been readmitted for a few days to see whether he can get his strength back. he was pretty tired...


  1. :( prayers and happy thoughts.

  2. Just when I add my congrats message :(

    Oh well, in the long run it will be but a moment of extra hospital time.... Good Luck for the next adventure.... "Harlow - The Homecoming 2" (now available in HD and BlueRay)

  3. ohh Im so sorry to read this
    huge hugs Justine, richard and the boys!
    Harlow - come on little man, your family wants to home - to stay home

  4. U can do it Harlow, Its not that scary. They'll be nice to you I think... :)