March 9, 2010

thoughts on a homecoming...

well, it's done. Harlow is home.

it took about 4 hours to clear the neonatal ward today. it was very "officer and a gentleman" like; us with Harlow, walking through a 21 nurse salute, being cheered as we walk our way into a bright and promising future....

Justine was crying, the nurses were crying, the other mothers were crying, it's a wonder nobody drowned >:]

we were due to go about 12 pm but had to wait on a prescription which led into Harlow's feeding time which led into a period of "lunch settlement" and THEN we went home. after saying goodbye to some nurses in ward 4 north.

the trip home was uneventful, he slept all the way as we drove the streets lined four deep with adoring well wishers. Caiden was buzzing when he made it home and he had himself a cuddle. Cohen watched "the arrival" avidly and Grayson ended up patting Harlow on the head, the way he does when he is really excited. We will have to watch that.

now ... the hard work begins. sleepless nights, leashed tempers, jedi mind control on the children ( he is not a toy!! ), keeping the cat outside so she doesn't sleep on Harlow's head. and for me, the "what am i doing wrong/ what should i be doing" guessing game. i love that game.

it's worth it though. knowing he is home.


  1. WOOHOO!!! yay for having the little man home :D
    I hope you will still keep us up to date with his progress. All the best
    Congrats and welcome home wee Harlow :D

    Love trish, jamie, bailey, aidan and adele

  2. Yay!! Congratulations guys!! So pleased for you all. Love to you all, Glenn & Tamar