October 8, 2010

behind the facade...

who here has ever had a prem baby? anyone? how did the feeding go?

Harlow and the feeding genie have a passing acquaintance at best. as previously noted, he was doing okay, he had the tube out and was holding his own for 13 days. then we had the vomiting bug thing and that was the last time he fed properly. 23rd of august. its october now. and there is no end to this non-feeding nightmare tunnel.

admittedly, with him still getting over his bronchitis, his feeding will not be up to scratch, but he has learned to push the bottle out with his tongue and jam his mouth shut. if you replace the bottle with a dummy, everything is all smiles, replace the dummy with the bottle, he shows you his demon horns...

so, if anyone knows how we can get that little man feeding, we would really like to hear from you.

note: if anyone has a spare 30k, we would really like to send Harlow here : the Graz Clinic in austria. not only will this clinic get Harlow off of his tube, it will also be full of austrian girls... >:]