July 29, 2010

O2 to NO2...


essential to all living organisms.. big ones, small ones, ones with rainbow hair. this includes little children. available in a bottle, can and cylinder. at a store near you.

we had our oxygen delivered in cylinders. four of them. full of life.

one at a time they would sit, silent, next to Harlow's cot. each night, when Harlow was put to bed, the cylinder would be connected to his nose through a tube, making sure that Harlow has enough oxygen to keep his energy levels up.

for the last two weeks or there abouts, the oxygen has been sitting on the floor, mute ... unconnected. Harlow's energy levels have been right up where they should be. without need of the added oxygen at night.

this is a good thing.

i'm not saying everything is fixed, he still tires incredible easily. when he pulls his tube out, he lasts about four days before crashing. we found this out last week when he pulled his tube out again.

ps: i'm eating vanilla ice cream and prenzels tipsy topping... >:]

July 13, 2010


there comes a time in everyones life when people start to realise that you're growing up, gaining in mana... that time is now.

we have had two milestones within days of each other.

milestone number 1. he has rolled over. by himself, no help from anyone. he wondered what the hell was going on, "what did i just do?" he has done this twice and still hasn't figured out how it works. he lay there for a minute ( max ) and then started crying because he doesn't like being on his stomach!

milestone number 2. he has started food. yep, at four months of age (adjusted) he has started solids, pureed pear to be exact. it looks like some kind of orange runny goop in a jar, but he liked it. all half teaspoonful. it doesn't look like much, and its not much, but its all he gets for the initial days. of course, he ate it for a day, and has since decided he doesn't want it, but he HAS started. it is ok that he doesn't want it, it's early food days, but the end of the bottle is in sight!

ahh ... he is growing up, our wee boy...

July 4, 2010


four days. four days is about as long as Harlow can last without a tube. how do we know this? he pulled it out!

last thursday, i went to get him out of his bed for his evening feed, somewhere about 6.30pm. i opened the door, he was in his cot doing what babies do and i went to pick him up. he looked a little different and i couldn't put my finger on it, it took me a good minute of looking at him to realise he no longer had his tube in. little toad had pulled it out.

it had been taped on.

ooooo that must have hurt...

so, Justine and i had a discussion and we decided to see how long he could go without the tube being put back. turns out it is four days.

he has done really really well over those four days, much better than we thought he would. he managed to meet his daily targets three out of the four days, the last day being the one where he crashed. three feeds in a row of 60mls, 90mls and then 10mls. 10mls!! thats nothing. at that point, Justine took him down to Kenepuru and had the tube put back in.

it had to go back in anyway today, he has vaccinations tomorrow he may find his energy levels are decreased somewhat.

--- a few days later ---

aren't those vaccinations are a right bugger! they have messed with him something fierce and he spent about two days crying. TWO DAYS! he is better again now, back to his normal (not) sleeping and (mostly) bottle feeding routines.

he almost pulled the tube out again yesterday. he has the tube taped to his face with a white fabric tape under which is some seaweed tape stuff that is supposed to be easier on his skin. it probably is, but it doesn't stick as well as the white tape. the end result is that the tape is almost constantly lifting from his skin in places. well ... the tape was coming off, we were just about to replace it, when ... he hooked a finger under it and started pulling it out!! had to grab his hand to stop him. he didn't like that much. Justine had to do the same thing just a few days prior as well.

--- another day in paradise ---

so, today, we went to get him when he woke up this afternoon, HE HAD PULLED IT OUT! AGAIN! thats twice in less than a week! AARRGGHH!!! so, tomorrow, as well as a skin prick test for allergies, he has to get the tube put back in. we may have to learn how to do this...