July 29, 2010

O2 to NO2...


essential to all living organisms.. big ones, small ones, ones with rainbow hair. this includes little children. available in a bottle, can and cylinder. at a store near you.

we had our oxygen delivered in cylinders. four of them. full of life.

one at a time they would sit, silent, next to Harlow's cot. each night, when Harlow was put to bed, the cylinder would be connected to his nose through a tube, making sure that Harlow has enough oxygen to keep his energy levels up.

for the last two weeks or there abouts, the oxygen has been sitting on the floor, mute ... unconnected. Harlow's energy levels have been right up where they should be. without need of the added oxygen at night.

this is a good thing.

i'm not saying everything is fixed, he still tires incredible easily. when he pulls his tube out, he lasts about four days before crashing. we found this out last week when he pulled his tube out again.

ps: i'm eating vanilla ice cream and prenzels tipsy topping... >:]


  1. This is good news Richard - what a cutie your Banty Little Rooster is :-)

  2. That's great news on the oxygen front! Although, I'm sure those four days of no tube are bittersweet-- I hope you can enjoy them while they last.