July 13, 2010


there comes a time in everyones life when people start to realise that you're growing up, gaining in mana... that time is now.

we have had two milestones within days of each other.

milestone number 1. he has rolled over. by himself, no help from anyone. he wondered what the hell was going on, "what did i just do?" he has done this twice and still hasn't figured out how it works. he lay there for a minute ( max ) and then started crying because he doesn't like being on his stomach!

milestone number 2. he has started food. yep, at four months of age (adjusted) he has started solids, pureed pear to be exact. it looks like some kind of orange runny goop in a jar, but he liked it. all half teaspoonful. it doesn't look like much, and its not much, but its all he gets for the initial days. of course, he ate it for a day, and has since decided he doesn't want it, but he HAS started. it is ok that he doesn't want it, it's early food days, but the end of the bottle is in sight!

ahh ... he is growing up, our wee boy...

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  1. :) I'm happy to hear there is progress in the battle of Man vs. Baby. :) You should see at least one hit from Canada on your stats now :)