March 20, 2010

my thumbs are twiddling...

the time is 10.43pm.

i am sitting in a dark room typing on the laptop, the keyboard visible from the light of the screen, while i wait. with extreme patience. thats the way i roll...

the #NoiseAndPukeMonster has just been fed, he took 55 - 60ml when he is supposed to take 66ml minimum. just as well Justine is a better feeder than i am, and got more into him in the last few feeds than he really needed. if it were left up to me, he poor little bugger would starve ... fade away ... go ~poof~ when he disappeared ...

the next feed is not until 12:30am. after that, i go to bed and the morning shift starts and Justine is doing the 3:30am and 6.30am feeds. guess who got the short end of THAT stick?!? the good thing for Justine is that i tend to sleep/ snore through her feeds, so she can feed in bed and sleep in between. i'm staying down stairs so that she can sleep until her shift kicks in. i am not the quiet feeder.

i could turn the light on, he appears to be sleeping now. but if he woke i would have to sing and dance to keep him amused, and i'm just not that good.

no, i will keep ruining my eye sight as that is what fathers do when waiting to feed #NoiseAndPukeMonster's in the middle of the night.

i am father, hear me snore...


  1. Hi Ric,

    I feel your pain. Double the number of babies and you don't have twice the problem you have about 4-6x the nightmare...

    I had the graveyard shift, the one that started sometime between midnight and 2am, and would finish sometime between 1 and 3 hrs later... The worst time was when I had just returned to work and then Mia decided to do 2 nights in a row of taking 3hrs to feed, but still only take 100mls. The problems of feeding a 4lb baby all they want to do is sleep. Fliss had to rescue me on about 2-3 occassions, when I had totally lost the plot.

    But it did get easier, the feed time reduced to 45mins, both babies fed and changed and dad back to bed. Sanity returned after the babies thankfully starting sleeping through the night. If only the other kids would also sleep through the night as well.


  2. solution....dont have kids LOL!!!! hay babe love you all...back in nz on the 6th for 10days go to come out and see you all and pick up dental floss c u soon xoxox "auntie lisa" (still think that makes me sound old!!!)