March 15, 2010

and then there were six...

he came home today. again.

actually, it was quite anti-climactic. there were no hordes of angels with trumpets this time, only a single low ranking cherub with a recorder. it was maybe 2:30 this afternoon, the garage door opened and the first thought i had was, "damn, Grayson has learned that the same button that closes the garage door OPENS the garage door". but no, Grayson was in bed.

the door opened and there was this quiet "hi honey" and i thought, "whats she doing here?" (i was not expecting her home until maybe 4pm or something). well, in walked Justine, toting his nibs in his capsule. w00t!!

so, he is home. sleeping in his bassinet. sleeping the sleep of the just.

now. now the hard work begins! ( this is a take 2 moment ).

i have the next two weeks off, helping out round the house, getting underfoot and generally bothering Justine as much as is inhumanly possible. my main job is to take the boys to school/ kindy (love that stuff) so as to save Harlow the "school run".

now, dear reader, i want you to step back a little and see exactly how far Harlow has come.
  • born : november 19th, after 24 weeks, 6 days.
  • due : march 5th
  • 1st graduation : after 111 days on march 9th ( mum and dads anniversary has been recycled )
  • 2nd graduation : after 117 days today
this is how he started life. 725 grams with brain issues, stomach issues, breathing issues, eating issues. he was so SMALL!! its a wonder that something that tiny and wee can have such a HUGE impact.

almost four months later and he still has us dancing to his tune, hopping when he says hop. he is a little bigger now, 3.4 kilos. almost five times his starting weight. the breathing thing has been conquered, the feeding thing is being conquered, the brain is good, the stomach is good and he looks so different!! he has filled out and has all the baby rolls that he is supposed to have, squawking like he should...

time is the biggest ally now. the longer he can be kept at a minimal energy expenditure setting, the better he will be.


  1. Makes our 3wk stay insignificant. You guys all rock and are truly amazing! Congratulations Harlow and the whole family - I hope you never have to see another hospital, ever! From a fellow OB prem mum.

  2. there is no length of stay in NICU that can be called insignificant.


  3. :o)

    Keep up the fantastic work!