March 16, 2010


jack bauer has rough days, about as rough as they get. but they are nothing on the last 24 hours in this household.

hear that? that is Harlow objecting to something. as to what he is objecting to, we have no idea! absolutely none. but he is objecting very loudly. he has been fed, winded to the best of Justine's ability (which is considerable) and still he will not settle. he has been like this for the last couple of hours.

this is not a patch on last night. from 2.00am until 5.30am he was a squawk monster. he was fed at 1.00am which took an hour and then for the next three and a half, there was a squawk, a cough, a squeek, a short wail every few minutes.

the feeding is not going well at all, he is supposed to have 85ml of milk each feed, and sometimes he has as little as 40ml. one feed he had 105ml, 90ml in one sitting and then 15ml in another because he would not settle. this afternoon he was fed at 12.30pm, 3.00pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm, keeping strictly to his 4 hour feeding schedule. if he does not get this sorted, he will have to go back into NICU. again. we have a dietician coming on thursday to see what she can do about his intake, see if she can increase the calories while reducing what he has to imbibe (new word for the day). the less he has to imbibe, the less tired he will become, the more energy he has to grow.

i have no idea what will happen tonight, but im sure both Justine and i will be more tired tomorrow than we are today.

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  1. Heya, just wanted to say that having had a (small) taste of NICU and special care with my wee 34 weeker I think you guys are amazing. It's not easy and we were only there 2 weeks. Chin up - it gets easier (as I'm sure you know).

    PS My wee girl had the same symptoms with screaming during feeding, taking over an hour to feed and then screaming/crying for ages esp in the middle of the night. She was diagnosed with reflux and put on losec and turned into a completely different (placid) baby over night. Someone told me that prems are more likely to get reflux as their valves that keep the milk down aren't fully developed. You may already know this but if you don't, perhaps something to think about...?
    A fellow OB mum.