March 23, 2010


10:50pm this time. i'm late.

i have just fed the man, nay, the LEGEND!! Harlow has been taking about 55ml from me on a good day ever since he came home. guess what? he just took the FULL BOTTLE!! LEGEND!!

you see, dear reader, something changed today. the home care team came and visited and left us a tin of oxygen. we have been doling this out to Harlow since 1pm and it appears to be having an effect. a very positive effect. this is a good thing. you see... tomorrow is d-day.

whats d-day? for a start, it's not june 6th, 1944. it's tomorrow. and it's not in france, it's in wellington. and i bet the weather will be better too. d-day is when the home care team decides whether to send Harlow back to NICU - again! there has GOT to be something between him and those nurses for him to be wanting to go back over and over. and over.

he has not been feeding well over the last few days; he has been a right sleepy wee man, and when babies are asleep, they tend not to feed very well. we wake him up and he feeds some and then goes to sleep with the teat in his mouth and we have to force feed him the rest until he has had enough to keep him until his next sleepy-feed. this is what is called "a bad thing". what he should be doing is grabbing that bottle with both hands, shoving the teat in his mouth and sucking like his life depends on it. all voluntary like with no prompting from us.

so, this leads us to tomorrow. there will be a review on the amounts he has taken, how long to take said amount and with which attitude it was taken. we shall see what happens.

here's hoping he stays put. although ... those nurses ...

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  1. yip sleepy babies = 3 hours feeding...