March 11, 2010

a kick in the teeth...

so... Harlow has gone back into the hospital. he was with us for less than 24 hours. what a kick in the teeth.

as i have said before, we bought him home and he refused to feed properly. the feeds got down to 30 out of 100ml. Justine rang NICU and they said to bring him back in and they would check him out.

turns out his CRP levels are elevated (a sign of infection) and so they have placed him in isolation and have put in an IV line to administer antibiotics. as well as this, he is nil by mouth, being fed through another IV line delivering lipids. he had these way back when, but we thought that this was over with. he's a big fella now.

but wait ... there's more ... to add final insult to injury ... HE IS BACK ON CPAP! machine assisted breathing!

Justine is staying in the hospital tonight. Harlow is in nursery G which has a bed so Justine is camping out.

i guess this comes back to what we were told earlier on. the NICU baby is a backward and forward baby, some steps back, some steps forward. i didn't think there would be so many backward steps all at once!

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