March 24, 2010

to whom the victory...

i want a show of hands. all those who thought that Harlow would be going back to the hospital please stand in front of the small portable guillotine. all those who thought he would stay at home, please queue by the gangplank to the cruise ship.

[ this could take a while, i know the readership for this blog has swelled to several thousand.... ]

so, while everyone is taking their places, i will regale you all with "what the doctor said".

with the most excellent feeding that occurred last night, and the massive 60g weight gain that resulted, the threat of Harlow going back into NICU was reduced from DEFCON4 down to about DEFCON1 status. the oxygen he has been taking has had a huge effect on him and he is able to complete feeds faster than a speeding oxymoron.

the debate now is about which bottles he should be using. do you know how many there are? many. many many. we have been through a few now, each with their own advantages and drawbacks. each time we try a different brand, we keep coming back to the hospital bottles. the latest candidate and the bottle used in the last feed is a NUK bottle. it was ok, he managed to finish the feed.

Aside: a small break was taken here to eat some whittakers dark caramel chocolate. and now, one with the story...

today has highlighted another issue however. travel and Harlow are not good friends. after the trip into the hospital Harlow crashed. he just slept. then the trip home made matters worse and he has been screaming since. i will not say that there is peace now, because as soon as i do, the NoiseAndPukeMonster will start screaming again.

this leaves Justine in an unenviable position of taking Harlow out three times a day next week. what's going to happen? will he end up back in NICU due to low energy levels? will be cope? will he start to sing and dance or will he crash?

tune in next week when we hear the doctors say...


  1. this is when the brooker boy relay team needs to be put in place so that Harlow can stay put :-)

  2. We all believed that he would be a trooper, everyone party on the gangplank!! Awesomesauce and all other good words to the little man. He is sleeping so peacefully in the pic (and looking a little too much like his dad...)


  3. after so many days back and forth to the hospital, back home, sleepless nights, lots of stress , Mum and Dad worries, our little Granson has finally arrived at home for good ,(well we hope), now it is time for Caiden , Cohen and Grayson do do all the house work so Mum and Dad can put their feet up, yeah right, i wonder if Harlow would be better off on some of Richard's ""lift +"",
    welcome back home "" HARLOW

    lots of xoxoxoxo Nanna and Grandad