March 5, 2010

107 days late...

only 107 days late. 107 days or 2568 hours or 154080 minutes. just imagine what you can accomplish in this time? you could watch "the mummy" over 1200 times! or complete 321 working days ( based on an 8 hour working day ). crap..

Harlow has been waiting 107 days for today. TODAY!! today, my friends, is the day that Harlow was supposed to be born. wow... just thinking about what the last 107 days SHOULD have been like and thinking about what the last 107 days have ACTUALLY been like, the differences are ... large.

the first being: Harlow OUTSIDE of Justine. actually, thats the only difference that matters.

its been quite the ride. theres been ups and downs ( more ups than down thankfully ); many trips into town; many badly cooked dinners. much stress. the list goes on.

Harlow has changed somewhat over the last 107 days, he has grown! from 725 grams to 3.1kg. thats huge! he has left all the breathing machines behind, left the incubator behind, the IV lines, the monitoring etc. all gone. he has OUTGROWN all that.

the next step is Harlow coming home. where he belongs. with his family.

so, i guess now, its waiting. waiting until he is bottle fed each feed, waiting until he gets the green light to come home. hopefully, not too long.

then its watching whats going to happen. first day of school, first girlfriend, first award ceremony, first nobel prize. watching him make a family of his own ( i realise im jumping forward a little here ) but its all in the pipeline.

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