February 26, 2010

waxing melodic...

don't know how to say thanks
for one hundred days of care
wow! i've been around a while
didnt think i'd still be here

what a rocky start it was
for my tummy, heart and brain
swelling, popping, and bleeding
no way it's the gravy train

since then things have improved
"wahoo! oh yeah!" i say
wont be long now, then you'll see
i'll be gone! be on my way...

the doctors have been cool
with their knives and pumps and scans
fixed me every time i went bang
according to their mad plans

the nurses, well, what can i say?
they rock! (and roll and sway)
they feed me, clean me, wipe my ass
without complaint; they make my day
ive heard all the noises
i make quite a few while growing
the beeps, the wooshes, the loud alarms
no match for me when i get going

the noise is helped by breathing
i can do this with a little aid
just got the low flow left to beat
then the machines can be waylaid

only one thing left to conquer
thats feeding from a bottle
im so close to winning, its scary
then im off, out the door, full throttle

i know ive been a bit of a strain
on my brothers, my folks and friends
but when all the dust is settled
life will be good. six people; very zen

thanks goes to all of N.I.C.U
as a team, you deliver
the rolls royce of hospital departments
i thank you; now ... and forever



  1. Congratulations on reaching 100 days!! a big milestone. Hoping there aren't too many more before you start your new adventure at home Harlow! All the best, Glenn & Tamar

  2. congratulations you are a lovely family. its has been a long tunnel you are nearly there
    love from kees sherryl xxxxxx

  3. I have been following your blog after seeing a post from your wife on the Oh Baby website. I had a 30 week prem babe, so have some idea of the journey you have been on. While we are strangers to you I just wanted you to know that your little Harlow has been in our thoughts and prayers. Congratulations on this milestone, we are so pleased to hear he is doing so well.
    Joel & Georgina

  4. so when can i take him to his first Caines game??? :-)

  5. haha... what about 2016? i can pencil you in