February 22, 2010

slurp!! ~ slurp!!

normally, babies hang off their mothers boobs to feed.  makes sense, the mothers are built for this kind of thing.  s'okay, as has often been said, nature knows best.  kinda exclusionary for a fella tho.  thats one of the biggest advantages of bottle feeding that i can think of, i get a turn and i got my first go at feeding Harlow on sunday.  it bought back a tonne of memories...

he did really well ( again ).  finished the bottle and then belched his asses off!!  mate!  put me to shame ( i'm sure i heard a window rattle ).  he's a windy wee soul, if he's not belching, he's farting.  of course, he gets all this from his mother!

he gets bottle fed expressed milk twice a day, he doesn't have the stamina for each feed to be a bottle feed as yet.  as it was, he started snoring toward the end so i had to wake him up to finish.

it was good.  a taste of things to come ( at 3 in the morning )...

other events of note :
  • his supply of caffeine has stopped,.  caffeine is used to stimulate the heart. this suggests that his ticker is ok
  • he has had another blood transfusion, bringing the grand total to eight.
  • he is back on lowflow.  this is a backward step, he was alternating between CPAP and air, now he alternates between CPAP and lowflow.
one thing that needs more than a bullet point.  he has had his 36 week brain scan and it has come back all clear.  excellent!!  this means that he will be able to walk, run, play without difficulty, learn stuff easily and generally be NORMAL!  damn thats good. all we have to go now is to clear his lungs.

he has some new bling for his cot.  he has a mobile that hangs over his head.  its full of sheep!  can you get any more kiwi? i'm assuming that the trees are pohutukawa...

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