February 22, 2010

the great heist - that went awry...

stealth, the main stay of any covert operation.  especially one where the objective is to steal a baby out of NICU.

we had it all planned!  i was to wait out the front with the engine running, looking inconspicuous; a mate had a plane idling at an airport with an undisclosed location; doctored passports, fake wigs...

all we had to do was to get Harlow out and we we're gone...  hellooooo south america.

but no.  damn that NICU vigilance.  we had Harlow in the pram, we were scooting down the hall, the door was RIGHT THERE!!!

and we were snapped.

"*ahem* .... wot's this then?  off for a cuppa tea?"

so, it transpired that Harlow got his first pram ride around the NICU, the staff never knowing that he was only METERS from freedom!!

whatcha goanna do?

he enjoyed it tho, i overheard him at the pub saying to one of his mates that he was looking to pimp out his wheels with a woofer or two and go cruising for chicks...

haha, the same wheels that have all his monitors and breathing apparatus attached to it >:]

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