February 9, 2010

nurses of the N.I.C.U... (II)

ahhh... nurses. there is so much to be said about nurses. they come in all shapes and sizes with their own unique set of ... attributes and ... qualities.

you have the naughty nurse, the noisy nurse. the nurse that has trouble with her uniform. the nymphomaniac nurse, the nubile nurse twins(!!), the nurse with "a friend", nurses who specialise in sponge baths... it's no bloody wonder that nurses feature so highly on the male-fantasy-of-the-year list.


so, what does all this have to do with the nurses of the N.I.C.U? nothing. nada. except that they're nurses.

mmmmmm ... nurses ...

so, just give me a second to get my mind back on track. so difficult ... so many nurses ... arrgghhh!

ok, so, the nurses of the N.I.C.U. firstly, they come in all shapes and sizes. ha ha >:]

seriously, the nurses of the N.I.C.U are different to the other nurses i have been a patient of. there is a level of care there that i have not seen in other departments. makes sense in a way, their charges are totally dependent on what they know and the level of their skills. if they are not up to par, the patient is at a higher risk of crashing than an adult, they do not have the same hidden reserves.

i have seen them in action when ALL the bells and whistles have gone off. the day that Harlow croaked like a frog. there were four nurses minimum working on Harlow for four hours. they were cool, they were composed. there was no raised voices, they were focused on what they were doing and they were busy, saving my boy.

the words i would use to describe the nurses at the N.I.C.U are words like : competent, dedicated, attentive, thorough. they are determined that no one is going to leave the nursery on their watch unless they are going home with their parents. all good stuff.

they are also approachable and ready for a discussion on anything. be it the start of a twenty five child family, the quality of english teas, or how sunburned their ankles are. they laugh at you, you laugh at them, they continue with their job.

i know i couldn't do it. the highs would be euphoric, but the lows? i could not handle the lows. a dead database i can deal with, they come back from tape. but children?

so... i like the nurses at N.I.C.U...


  1. Is that Pat I see in the background of the second photo?
    Yup, nurses all shapes and sizes, all colours and flavours. Go nurses!