January 3, 2010


after a day of great news
with his long line removed
and three hour cuddles
and full feeds renewed

today darkened the skies
with bombing and crashing
all of his monitors
showed loud lights and flashing

dads first official visit
after days ten in number
and what should he see
but harlow heading under

harlow had said "frog"
the nurses hopped shocked
his oxygen had fallen
his heart rate had dropped

after the previous great day
they asked "what was up?
you cant be doing this
you were great! now your not..."

"ventilator!" they cried
and one was wheeled in
the tube was inserted
and new breathing began

there were bugs in his lungs
and no blood in his veins
so it doesnt just pour
but it sodding well rains

four hours later and
a transfusion to boot
two antibiotics,
echo, xray, no food

he is now much better
he is resting and fine
looking forward again
to good food and wine

the food and the flow
of oxygen had slowed
he'd had to work harder
it had taken its toll

or maybe it was an
infection who can know?
i guess we're just thankful
hes around...

inspired by @michaelwdorris

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  1. ohh what a precious wee boy, Im here in tears for I know what you are going through. I hope wee Harlow gets better soon!