January 17, 2010

the bath...

the firsts just keep on rolling in. yesterday, Harlow had his first bath! you would think that he would have started to smell after 8 weeks of non-washing, and yes, you would be right. there was a certain ... flavour ... to the air. an aromatic assault on the senses.

once again, i was not there to witness the event, i was looking after Harlow's brothers at home. thats ok tho, i'm sure that i will have plenty of opportunities to bath him in the future.

as you can see from the video, nothing phases this fella. he is iron. all the prodding, poking, splashing and sploshing going on, and what does he do? ha! he yawns! he doesn't care, he is too tough for that. looking around, thinking "hhmm.. this is warm, i like this. how do i go about booking another one?".

that was all yesterday. today, i had a cuddle, (no puking family this time!!) and it was great. he was fed in my arms, slept, started breathing really really fast and kept going up and down like a yo-yo!! from down around 25 breaths a minute up to 120!! quite the range! would be great if he took up a singing career i 'spose.

the boys also went in today, first time since christmas. the are keen to get him home. i don't know if it is because they want someone else to play transformers with, or watch hercules with, but it is great that they are keen.

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  1. How very very cool to see this Richard :-) Precious wee man - what a fighter huh!