January 26, 2010

trundling along..


my name is Harlow, and i have a story to tell. a story of adventure, pain, passion and excitement. you see, i've been on a journey for ten weeks. it makes quite the tale. for ten weeks, my life has been a day-in, day-out series of close encounters with creatures out of legend.

what i want to tell you about is the last few days...

it started with the usual things, sleeping, feeding, having an attendant clean me up when required. but sunday... sunday bought with it a whole host of treasures, not the least of which was a change in vista.

on sunday i went from nursery E to nursery C! its been an awakening of sorts for me. theres more to my world than walls that go beep and faces that are blurry in the not-so-bright light. theres a strange new shape on the wall. i can see through it and i'm told that what i can see is the sky. i didn't think there was anything that big anywhere! and it's so bright! and blue! there are other things through there that are just plain strange and have no place in my world. at least, i'm told, not yet. they called one a tree. said that to be a boy, i need to a) be able to climb to the top and b) fall off and break something.

following that was a change in accommodations. gone is my harlowbowl, my familiar surroundings of the past few weeks. now, im lying in my red-bed. that's what i call it. its like a fishbowl sitting on a red dresser. with sides. i have to say, i like what it represents. it means im growing, not just in size, but in responsibilities as well.

like breathing. one of the core responsibilities of your average human. i can do this, with a little help. what i need to do is do it by myself! to that end, im alternating between breathing with help (Wellington CPAP) and breathing on my own (or with a little lowflow). not so long on the lowflow, one hour out of six, but i will get there ...

... if i'm to go home in three or four weeks!

especially now that i'm over the two kilo mark! i have to get this breathing thing mastered ...

okay, maybe i exaggerated about the excitement, pain and passion a little.. but it caught your attention though, didn't it?


PS: i didn't like the red-bed, i'm back in my harlowbowl...

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