January 14, 2010

vagaries of fate...

fate is a woman. has to be. the way things can change for the better, go back to the way they were and then, oh, we're better again. no we're not..

sound familiar? any man who is married will know what this is like. the scene where the woman is telling the man where to place the sofa in the lounge.

"against this wall will be great."
"no... thats not right, what about over there, under the window?"
"hmm... thats not right either. how about a bit to the left?"
"no, your not helping!"
"you don't love me anymore!"

... and the couch is back where it began. right where you suggested it should go.

such is the way of Harlows breathing. He started on CPAP, went to ventilator, CPAP, ventilator, CPAP, wellington, low-flow and then back to wellington. at the present time, he is on the wellington after tiring himself out on the low-flow. these are all good things! it means he is more and more able to cope with being a person, not an extension of a machine. that's my boy...

thats not all the changes though, the HarlowDome has been replaced by the HarlowBowl. w00t!! he has graduated the closed in incubator and is now open to the elements in an open air cot! Harlow is officially ... a bigger fella. one of the requirements for the HarlowBowl is that he be heavier than 1500 grams. that means he has over DOUBLED HIS BIRTH WEIGHT! in only seven weeks.

must be all the attention he is getting from the nurses... ( have to admit, he's a chip off the old handsome block ;)

as far as the food goes, he is on 180 ml of mothers milk for each kilo. thats 270 ml a day. equating that to adult sizes, a 75 kilo person would have to drink 13.5 litres of milk a day!!! if that is not a feat, i don't know what is!
randomness:  can you imaging how big a 40 year old man would be if he continued to double his weight every 7 weeks?  Harlow would be 3kg at 0 years.  age 1: 192 kilos, age 2: 49 tonne, age 3: 6.2 kilotonnes.  age 40: holy crap...

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  1. He's adorable :-) It sounds like he's making great progress; it's good to hear he's in the open air. Really, it's such a precious thing to see. Thanks for sharing.