April 4, 2010

evil military geniuses...

Soldiers in the Ever Victorious Army of Exhaustion

who wages a war on two fronts? a war that is waged so skillfully, so subtlely the combatants never fully realise that they are IN a war?

who does that? exhaustion does that. exhaustion is a pervasive, subtle and skilled player in the games of intrigue and espionage. games involving more than two players.

i was prepared fora full on frontal attack by exhaustions shock troops and heavy artillary. i was not prepared for the flanking attack of light cavalry that came down out of the hills...

FRONT 1: the parents
you all know, you've all been there. the groggy three am feeds where the parents are more asleep than the child, the missed trains in the morning because you slapped the snooze button "once to many", the leashed tempers, the snide remarks that come from too little sleep and the accompanying perception changes that makes that mole hill just ... insurmountable. we are normal here, tensions are up due to lack of sleep. worry plays another big part, concern about the wee man and the energy expended in trying to feed him, they are all taking a toll.

FRONT 2: the child
this is the one i didnt know about. we have had four boys and this front did not figure in the first three. mind you, dear reader, we all know that Harlow is on the special side of things and so will figure in more dramas than your average bear. last night the battle reached a point where Harlow was being routed by the ever victorious army of exhaustion. he had been sleepy most of the day and we had to wake him up for about four feeds. he even missed his "Hola!!" hour where he cries just to remind us he's alive.

so last night he was taken to NICU and admitted again. i do not know how long he will be there this time; maybe he will come home today, maybe he will be there for a couple of days. who knows?

Update: it seems as though Harlow will be there for two nights, he will be back tomorrow (monday). also, it was 48 hours of sleepyness, not 4 feeds of sleepyness. got that wrong too.

Re-update: Harlow is coming home on tuesday. he is staying in another day so that he can have his shots and be monitored for the 24 hours afterwards.

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