December 13, 2009

two weeks since my last confession…

Hi y’all…

I know, I know, I’ve been a bit slack on the update front, it has been two weeks since my last confession…

Things have been fairly stable here at the Harlowdome. There have been a few events worthy of note, cuddles, food, no food, no iv, iv, etc. I have listed them below.

True, I should be recounting events from both of the last two weeks, but those of you who know me will realise that there is no hope at all of this happening. I have trouble remembering yesterday, let alone fourteen days ago. I have had to pillage Justine’s memory for the events of the last week. Justine remembers everything, she’s good like that.

So, let’s get started.

The week started well with:
  • A cuddle for Dad
  • The IV drip out
  • No antibiotics
  • Nearly no insulin
  • 3ml feeds every 2 hours.
I mean, with all this, what could go wrong??


A few days later:
  • A cuddle for Mum
  • No food with a bonus of green “gunge” in the stomach
  • The IV drip back in
  • Two antibiotics
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Physio (to battle the chronic lung disease. This is also on the list of “enjoyable activities”)
  • Both eyes open, looking around. (I have this on film!)
We were told when all this began that there would be weeks where it seems as through everything is against Harlow and he would be stepping back more than stepping forwards, it appears that this is one of those weeks. Overall it sounds as if it is gone to hell in a hand basket, but the nurses assure us that he is doing ok and that it is just part of being prem.

One discovery that may not startle you overly much is that he has attitude. No, let me rephrase that. He has Attitude. (He gets it from his mother). Between the handling that he is getting during “cares” (nappy change, temperature, blood gases, repositioning) and the handling from the nurses, he has started to holler and shout and then hold his breath. He will flap his limbs as well like he is trying to take off. The only handling he really likes is the cuddles. He will lie on you for hours, relaxed, virtually asleep. We have been told by more than one nurse that he is most relaxed when he is having a kangaroo moment.

Events being scheduled:
  • Stomach x-ray
  • Chest x-ray
  • Brain scan
  • Dye test to see if the stomach hole has healed (oral iodine with time lapse x-rays to monitor progress through the body)

He is putting on weight well in spite of not being on milk. He is currently 980 grams. Seems the “kilo cake” is not too far away. w00t!! >:]

That’s about it.

  • Rich.

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