December 3, 2009

something about kangaroos...

In a sought after first, Justine, mother of Harlow, had a kangaroo cuddle today.  After two weeks of "hug isolation", the much hoped for, highly anticipated hug occurred, this afternoon, at 1620 hours.  Yes, you heard it here first.  Mother Justine got to have a kangaroo cuddle with son Harlow.

There were several hurdles that had to be navigated: antibiotics not quite dispensed, a needy new arrival to the ward, logistics of exactly how the hug was to occur ( organisation of cords and cables ), but once all the problems were solved, the hug was on.

Easing into the chair, Mother Justine experienced a moment of panic when several alarms started blaring, all at once, in a painful shriek.  But then, maternal instincts and technical savvy kicked in and the hug went ahead smoothly.

In fact, the hug was so smooth, Harlow was so relaxed, it was over an hour before he was placed back in his Harlow House.  The nurse, Emma, reported that it was one of the best kangaroo hugs in the history of the Neonatal unit. [WARNING: post may contain some exaggeration].

Of course, during this hug event, Father Richard ( bless you my child ) was watching, quietly, from the sidelines.

Tomorrow, another hug event may occur, depending on times, work availability etc, this time with Father Richard ( bless you my child ) instead of Mother Justine.  With Harlow being so little, hugs are limited to one a day.  More than that and he will be too tired.

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