December 9, 2009

dodging bullets...

Who here remembers Sledgehammer? The crazy cop from the '80s. "Trust me, I know what I'm doing". Well, I do. One scene in particular. Sledge is standing in the street, arms akimbo, in a duel. He is facing a man with a 44 magnum who is intent on putting Sledge into the ground. There's a loud bang as the man fires, and then silence. The smoke clears, a bird sounds. Sledge is still standing there, he hasn't blinked or moved in anyway, but now there is a shiny bullet caught between his teeth.

He dodged the bullet.

That's kind of how I feel right now.

The problem with kangaroo cuddles is that if the person is sick when giving the cuddle, there is a high chance that whatever infection/ virus he has will be passed on to the child. I had a cuddle on Sunday and spend Monday "under the weather" at home. There was a virus through our family with Cohen puking and Justine feeling not so well. I thought it had missed me, but it was merely playing with my head and waiting an extra day.

With this taken into consideration, I should never have had the cuddle. Had I been thinking, I would never have had the cuddle.

Infection is one of the biggest killers of premature babies.

Its been a hard few days, wondering whether I had killed Harlow or not.

He has been fine though. There are a few indicators to suggest whether he is ill. Bradycardia episodes, respiratory issues, discolouration, elevated CRP levels. He has none of those, and after three days, if he had caught whatever it was I had, he would be showing some signs at least. This being said, the vigil continues. He will be monitored closely for the next few days as well.

I breathe again.

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