December 15, 2009

the buddha finger...

There is something magic about a kilo.  One thousand grams.  One thousandth of a tonne.  A litre of water is a kilo, two blocks of butter is a kilo, four bars of chocolate is a kilo, and now our boy.  With trumpets sounding, the angels singing in heaven, Harlow has crossed the kilo barrier and is sitting comfortable at 1.014 kg.

I know, I know, your right.  Four bars of chocolate is not a kilo!  Not since Cadbury decided to short change everyone.

This is of course a temporary title, one good pee and he could be back languishing in three digit grams again.  But he is there, he made it.

Now, according to the "Nurses of the NICU", there is a wee ritual that happens when a really prem baby crosses this most magical of milestones - the "kilo cake".  We, the parents, are required to provide said "Nurses of the NICU" a cake to say thank you for looking after Harlow and making sure he has had this milestone to cross.

No problem.

I will even bake it myself!

My son, buddha in training...