December 6, 2009

give me some skin...

I have to admit, kangaroo cuddles are cool. Damn cool.

I had mine today, and I kid you not, it was awesome. From 15:10 this afternoon for an hour, I had Harlow on my chest, snoring his asses off. (He takes after Justine!)

Had to go through the same drama as Justine to get him out of the incubator. Short tubes on the left (oxygen, pulse, breathing stuff), long tubes on the right (insulin, lipids, food, IV and antibiotics) so I was on the left side of the Harlow House. Even so, the drip was too short to remain connected while Harlow was out, so they disconnected that one.

I stripped off my t-shirt and donned the sexy white gown (ooo!) and sat on the comfy chair. I bared my breast to the nurse, Anna today, and Harlow was placed upon me. Once again, it made me realise just how ... small he is. He was shuffled and moved all around until Anna thought he was comfortable (losing me a pound of chest hair in the process - rubber gloves tend to grip, really really well) and then we were left to it.

There was some nail biting, edge of your seat tension while the breathing tubes kept coming off. Its pretty hard for Harlow to breathe without those. Then the CPAP kept losing its seal around his nose, the air going in his nose kept coming out his mouth when he opened his mouth, both reducing his oxygen saturation which is not a good thing. And he wriggled!

Eventually tho, we had the breathing thing sorted, the wriggling sorted and all was good with the world. It was good. And warm. And I almost fell asleep.

Awesome >:]

Oh, and he had his first feed (post perforation) today.

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