November 7, 2010

get your teeth into it...

its a nasty nasty business growing teeth. they sit in your gums all sharp and pointy, going up "here i am!" then down "haha, tricked you", then up again "for realz this time!" and down "you are so gullible..." before coming up and breaking through "so ... how YOU doin'?". i'm pretty glad i don't remember doing it myself.

Harlow has been cultivating the two middle lower teeth for some time now. he's been grumpy, moody, swearing a lot and is halfway through painting his room black. seriously, those teeth have been up and down more times than an old man on viagra and he has not liked it one bit.

finally however, those teeth have broken through. cut their way through. (anyone notice any similarities between birthing teeth or birthing an alien? both have to cut their way out... can't be good for you)

Harlow now has two teeth in his bottom jaw. they are no more than a smudge at the moment, but they are there.

only another 20 or so to go...

oh, and the peace has been shattered. he speaks!!! he has a diverse vocabulary of two words, "boo" and "da". i'm wondering which end of the vocal spectrum he will fall on, whether he will suffer from some kind of verbal diarrhea or whether he will be a mostly-mute. either way, he will have to fight Caiden and Cohen to get a word in. good luck there fella...


  1. as always, witty and a good read :)

  2. Go Harlow! Those toofy's aren't pleasant - Cale's have been playing the same game for close to 6 months! I couldn't tell you the relief we felt when that little mongrel tooth finally cut. I hope that Harlow's next 20 odd, aren't nearly as painful.

  3. YAY GO HARLOW!!!! not much help on the teeth front. Riley has 5!!! But look at you go with that food! such a clever boy!

  4. Wow! It's like Harlow woke up and decided to do all things baby :) Congrats on dealing with "normal baby crap" (Sorry it has to be teething... ugh).