November 21, 2010

the bash...

photo by Lisa Wong
the birthday bash. i really shouldn't call it a 'bash', it was too big to be called a 'bash'. you could call it an 'event', or a 'small national gathering' or something of that ilk.

just shows how many friends he has already. in for a life of "social butterfly"-ish-ness is our boy.

it was great really, there was over 120 attendees. just about everyone who has helped us with the wee snotmonster over the last 18 months was there, eating and drinking and making merry. we even had a bouncy castle so the children would leave the adults to their adult-type pursuits while learning how to launch themselves out the hall window to (hopefully) land in the bushes.

the party itself was great, everyone had enough to eat(!) and drink, there was talking all over the place .... and then there was the speech.

me. talking. in front of over 120 people. lucky i had the "pre speech beer(s)" handy. very lucky...

then it was all over.

now ... Harlow. he was great. he missed his afternoon sleep so as he could attend his party, and he handled it like the gentleman he will someday become. it also helped that he was passed around his many unofficial aunties etc who obligingly coo'd over him and kept his smiling and laughing until everyone had left. he burbled, he dribbled, he laughed during the awkward moments thus relieving those moments of their awkwardness. it was all good `:) champion...

everyone did leave eventually, loaded down with food. did i mention that we over catered? by about double? there was more than one family of 4 or more that went home with no need to cook that night... in the end we couldn't even give it away.

ah well ... it was worth it `:)

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