November 2, 2010

a deadly sin...

nom nom
gluttony is a sin. a deadly one. but not in this house, not when its Harlow doing the glutting.

we thought he would be tube fed for years! and what does he do? he starts eating. and not by the mouthful, by the jar!

two weeks ago yesterday he pulled out his NGT. with the eczema on his face, we could not put the tube back in, so we left it. for three days we left it. for three days he basically starved... and then there was a change. he started to eat, he started to hold his own. two weeks so far and still counting... both Justine and i are hoping that this will continue well into the night, so to speak.

he is like an old chevy v8. it takes a while to start, backfires a bit but eventually runs smoothly. same with his feeding. you have to convince him that he wants it and when you do, he hits high gear and wolfs it down. *kaboom* ... gone. well, sometimes. sometimes the chevy just doesn't start or get higher than first gear, but it is definitely getting better and better.

[ don't go anywhere ... feeding the cat ]

that is most triumphant.

have to hope it lasts. he will grow and get big, stomp on his brothers, earn a nobel peace prize... and it all started with a mouthful of pear and banana.

ok, so it is not that easy... but he is eating tho. and funnily enough, he seems to be drinking his milk better as well. whats up with that?


  1. Yay! That's awesome guys. What a relief. Long may it continue!

    xx Michelle Browne.

  2. Its just how the cookie crumbles sometimes..... you had to be crule to be kind (ie removing tube and not putting back in)they soon get the picture.

    Glad hes eating/ drinking now

    Hannah xxx

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!! OMG Harlow that is so exciting! And just in time for your first birthday and a slice of cake perhaps? ;) Always knew he could do it :D

    <3 Kahlia :)

  4. Woohooo Mr Harlow!!! That's fantastic guys, I am so happy and stoked for you all! Just like Kahlia said, we always knew he could do it, but had to come to it of his own accord - what a clever boy!!!

  5. Wahoo! That is awesome to hear! I've been following Harlow's journey for a while now (I first found out about your blog from the June 2010 babies oh Baby site- thank you for sharing it.
    That is great news! Keep it up Harlow!


  6. Woohoo Harlow!! You are such a clever wee boy!! Just keeping Mum and Dad on their toes aye?!! Can't believe his 1st birthday is just around the corner!! How exciting!! Look forward to seeing you guys then!! Love Lisa & the boys xxx

  7. YAY!!! Harlow needs to have a chat with Charlotte. So happy for you, and sending all my good feeding vibes your way.