November 7, 2009

Welcome to : a whole new ball game.

Ok y’all,

So, It’s been a week, lots can happen in a week. The biggest news is that the hospital has waded into the battle and given Justine steroids to help speed up the formation/ growth of the baby’s lungs. Fantastic news! It’s almost as if they have declared that the wee man is now worth fighting for. All kudos to Jeremy Tui for making that call. No longer do we fight alone…

I guess, not having been through this before, I’ve not really thought about how far along a baby has to be, to be considered a person.


I have an opinion.

That being said, here’s hoping the steroids do not have any side effects. If Justine starts to shave her face, I am going to have to “reconsider” a bunch of stuff.

As of Monday, the wee man was 530 grams. One pound, 1.6 ounces. ( is mixing imperial and metric legal? ) Small… like a banty rooster, giving it all he has. ( It may have been that he crossed the magic half kilo that helped make the decision for steroids. )

As usual, the support from friends and family is unprecedented. I really don’t know what to say. [ Flashback to Wayne’s World: We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! ]

Thanks to everyone who has visited Justine, you all know her, you know how much she enjoys sitting on her ass… I think know that those are the moments she enjoys the most. She cried when the boys visited the other night.

Anyway, enough delightful and witty banter, I have vacuuming to do.

  • Rich.
PS: just so you all know, we had pizza the other night. Mmmmm… pizza.
PPS: No beer tho >:[

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