November 24, 2009

go the fifth!

today was a better day, there was no backward slide, Harlow was doing everything he should.

he did have an ultrasound today, checking out the fetal valve on his heart. with 4 doses of whatever drug it is that closes the valve, it is almost closed. could be as long as a week until completely closed tho'.

the guy who did the ultrasound was damn clever, you could see the walls between the chambers, the valves opening and closing, the blood flow between the chambers and in and out of the heart etc.


there are some non-facebook pictures here : Harlow


  1. Ahh you should have tweeted me that your wife was still in the hospital....I coulda been getting her the good food all this time!

    -Allanah AKA @bananallanah/girl who works in the hospital kitchens

  2. dont think i will tell her that... she will shoot me!

    Rich (AKA @thelongsilence)

  3. Hahaha, always looking out for her eh? Nice.