November 29, 2009

not the nine o'clock news...

Hi y’all,

It has been a few days now and there has been stuff happening.  Not heaps of stuff, just … stuff.  Firstly though, Harlow is doing ok.  All systems green, all readings are normal…

Much to the relief of the children, Justine came home on Thursday.  “Phew,” they said, “real food!”.  All I can say is … “Phew, real food!”.  When Justine came home, she said “Phew, real food!”.  (I believe Justine is the only one with any right to say that, the food at the hospital was mostly “Chefs Choice” (when it arrived) which left her guessing what it actually was.)  The kids are loving her being home, it’s as back to normal as it can be for the meantime.  There is a huge amount of travel in and out  but with Justine being home at night, nothing is impossible.

Now, before I go any further, all kudos to those children of ours, Caiden, Cohen and Grayson. With all that’s been happening, they have been right little troopers.  Caiden has a fair grasp of what has been happening and for all that, he hasn’t let it affect him too much.  So, I’m considering bestowing the title of “minions” on them and setting them loose on the world.  Not entirely sure if the world would survive…  Could be apocalyptic…  You have been warned…  Go my pretties…

Events over the week.

  • As you know, last Monday was a bit tough.  A stomach perforation and a bleed to the brain.  The bleed, no one can do anything about, but the perforation led to an operation where two penrose  drains were placed in his sides.  Well, the drains work.  They have been spewing yellow crap all week and are still going, although the levels of yellow crap have reduced.  No one needs high levels of yellow crap.
  • He has had two bradycardia episodes over the last couple of days.  This is when, for some reason, the heart rate drops to below 100 beats per minute.  There is no know reason for this, it just happens in preterm babies and it is not considered dangerous.  [ Wikipedia entry ]
  • On top of all that he has had two transfusions of red blood cells.  The 11ml transfusions have been to replace what has been used for blood tests etc.  He goes through a fair number of tests to make sure that all his gears are … gearing(?) right.
  • He is still on the ventilator and will be for a few more days.  After the surgery, he was to have 10 days on the ventilator, this is almost up.  There are three days to go.
  • His CRP levels have dropped by two thirds.  This is used as an indicator of any infections he might have.  His reading was 24 and is now 8.  When it gets to 3 the antibiotics can stop.  All good news >:]
  • There are more issues with his fetal duct.  It appeared to be closing quite well when he had an ultrasound a few days ago but has now opened up again.  Dr Petal has indicated there is more blood flowing through it anyway.  I have included a diagram of exactly what/ where the fetal duct is and what role it plays for those who don’t know.  I include myself in that number.  This is also not very serious, he will be in another course of “magic duct closing medicine” so it should close up soon.  
  • The blue light has been taken away as his jaundice has disappeared.

Oh, and of course, I have changed his nappy.  Yep, and you want to know what?  It contained the “perfect poo”.  It was empty.  I can deal with empty.  His kidneys work too, while I was changing him, he tried to pee on me.  I am not happy about this and I will be having stern words if it happens again.  Note: Justine has just told me that he had not poo’ed at all, that is not a good sign.  She is waiting for the poo.  (She can have the poo).

Well, that’s about all I can think of.  It’s probably enough, there is only so much ramble a person can absorb at any one time.

  • Rich.

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