May 11, 2010

a little bit batty...

its been nearly three weeks now since he went into the hospital. he went in there to see if anything could be done about his energy levels and no, there's nothing that can be done. it's a time thing.

he is all over the place. last friday night he did really well, he took 100ml from a bottle. w00t!! what a champ!! but wait, it gets better!! two hours later he took another 100ml from a bottle!! with the track record he has had, i would not have pegged him taking 200ml from a bottle for another three or four years.

that is only half the story however. looking at that feed in isolation, you would think, great! he's cured! alas, that is not so. the next THREE FEEDS were absolute bollocks. around the 20ml mark each time. once he has decided he has had enough, ~poof~ he is off to sleep.

i haven't been to see him for a while but i made it in on friday after the rugby ( go the 'canes!! ). he was wired! his eyes were open, staring at the bars of his cell, ah... cot. so, i got him up and gave him a cuddle and i had him laughing! trying to, anyway. it was so awesome!! turns out he is ticklish. quite ticklish. have to write that down.

at present there is no ETA for him to come home. there is a care support package in the wind that will allow us a much greater freedom in terms of getting the boys to kindy/ school. this needs to be in place before his nibs can even think of coming home. there will be a carer coming in three times a day at 8:30am, 11-11:30am and 3pm to allow Justine to take the boys while leaving Harlow at home. if you wonder why he has to stay at home, its because a simple trip to the school will knock him out for a day. two trips and he will sleep for twenty four hours.

he is also going to come home tube feeding. damn...

SERIOUS NOTE: Justine and i would like to give a special thank you to Carole and Helen for all the help that they have given us. they have been a pillar for Justine to lean on. they have also battled the hardest for the care package that is coming. thank you ladies, it is very much appreciated.

but its not all doom and gloom. he received a package from the states today. a bat!! its (almost) bigger than he is!! my friend Andrew from Alabama ( @keeponrunning ) has had a daughter Sam. she's a right little squawker from what i can gather. Harlow and Sam have exchanged gifts, a rugby ball for a bat. ( wonder if that makes them betrothed? never too early to start planning ... )

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