May 4, 2010

international fame...

everyone knows about twitter. well, let me put it this way; if you do NOT know about twitter, then you have been living a very sheltered life under a rock somewhere at the bottom of a big pile of rocks.

i like twitter and have been on twitter for a while now. my name is @thelongsilence, 'cause i really don't say much while i'm on there, but i enjoy the banter that goes back and forth, gets magnified, twisted and sometimes out of control.

twitter is social media at its best, the whole anonymous thing that allows you to be as obnoxious as you please with the biggest repercussion being that whomever you offend no longer chooses to follow what you have to say. it allows you to "reach out and touch someone" anywhere in the world.

obviously, i have discussed Harlow to some extent, some discussion being of a positive nature, some being not so positive; i have vented.

there is an ex-kiwi living in melbourne now, name of Joi Murugavell, who is also "of the twitteratti". she is a graphic designer and maintains a blog of "oodlies". her blog can be found at from what i can gather, her inspiration for oodlies comes from her life; things she sees, things she experiences. one of those things has been me venting about Harlow. to this end, Harlow has inspired two oodlies that i would like to share.

i think it's great that a) someone is listening to the crap that i put out there and b) it has affected someone enough for them to take it and run.

i like them >:]

ps: if you don't know already, its international star wars day : MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!

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