May 1, 2010

a call to arms!

i am raising the call!! there are people out there, 2 foot long or less who need our help. it is our duty as able bodied citizens to help in any way we can. they are depending on us.

it is true, i have been as neglectful as you. but with everything that we have been through, that will change! no longer will i be slothful! no longer will i be willfully blind to the needs of the 2-foot short.

- what is he babbling about?
- make sense boy!!

ok. the wellington neonatal trust. those selfless people who do so much for those parents whose 2-foot short offspring are causing them to live through such interesting times. they are the shoulder to lean on when there is no one else,the helping hand when all others are clenched in a fist,the open door when all you see are blank walls. they are there to help any family who is on a journey though the NICU. i think we qualify as one of those families.

they put on lunches every thursday with some fantastic ham and cheese quiche. [ excuse me, i hear you sniggering in the corner. you! yes you, real men DO eat quiche!! ]. they have helped us out in many ways, big and small, which have been immensely helpful. what do you say to generosity like that? thankyou comes to mind ( i was raised properly, after all ) but somehow it seems sadly lacking. not sure if i know of an appropriate way to say thankyou for this.

one thing i can do is to raise awareness of the trust and see if i can get people to dig deep and donate. there are a few ways to donate that are easy and fast so, theres really no excuse now, is there? [looks at himself too].  maybe the next time you go and buy a lift plus, a cup of coffee, a chocolate bar; maybe you will think again about what that money can do. i know its not much, but it all helps.

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