August 19, 2010

end of an era...


i haven't said hi for while, so i will say it now. hi. i have some news to tell you. i think its quite exciting.

i have made a change today and it's momentous!

eight days ago, i decided ENOUGH! NO MORE! i decided i was not going to use my tube anymore and since then it has been nothing more than a blip on my cheek.

for the last eight days i have been, what i like to call, a SUPERSTAR! every bottle i have had has been consumed the old fashioned way, suck'n'swallow. not a single one has been down that tube, not one. for a whole eight days. i have tried this before, but any longer than four days and i just conked out.

but wait, theres more! i have started eating solids. i mean, properly eating solids. Mum has given me some in the past but, meh, i took some, i left some... not the case now. tonight i ate two cubes of pumpkin. it wasn't what i requested, a hamburger, but its a start; everyone knows it takes time to train a parent.

i listened to Mum and Dad talking about pulling the tube out; should we? shouldn't we? haha, you should have heard them, they were like a couple of old women! but in the end, the decision was made and wasn't that a weird feeling. it was like having a foot long piece of snot pulled out of your nose.

i feel a little ... different now the tube has gone, it has been with me since i was born. baring a few days here and there, but whats a few days between friends? i only hope that i can keep it up. if i conk out again, back goes the tube. that would not be a good thing.

so, to immortalise this event, i commissioned a well known video artist to take a video of the tube coming out. here it is ...

dont i look the stunned mullet when it comes out? anyway, thats all the news i have at the moment, i will talk to you again when something else important happens.

  • Harlow.


  1. Hi Harlow, that's fantastic, well done!! Except for the no hmaburger bit, especially since that burger competition is on!

  2. Brilliant! How wonderful - sorry to hear your Daddy's an old woman...... *looks down, shakes head in sadness*

  3. What a legend! Go Harlow!

  4. I have followed Harlow's journey right from the start via the Oh Baby website and it's great to hear that he is doing so well! He is a little fighter who has been through so much - he has a gorgeous smile. You are both amazing parents :) - Lisa