August 25, 2010


that's about all i can say really.

crap: the family has had a stomach bug that has had five of us puking all over the place.
crap: Harlow's feeding went all to pieces.

... and ...

crap: Harlow's tube was put back in.

it went like this...

monday. Grayson puked first, then Harlow, Cohen on the way to kindy (three times ~ thanks to Michelle for cleaning up that wee gift), then me(!!) followed by Caiden. i have to say, monday was not a good day. lots of washing .. lots of cleaning ... oh, the cleaning ...

tuesday was a better day. a non-puking tuesday.

the worst part of this is the effect it has had on Harlow's feeding. during the group-puke-fest, if we fed him too much he would puke it out. so we reduced his feeds to a much smaller amount. his 1000mls per day dropped down to about 600mls, a little shy of what he should be taking. tuesday was a little better with 800mls, but im guessing it will take a while to get him back to his 1000mls.

now, anyone who knows Harlow well knows what a "challenge" he is to feed. its hard. on a good day. well, tuesday was hard and then some. we did very well to get that 800mls into him.

but ... what can you do? the show must go on.

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  1. I'm sorry you're having such a set back. Lame. I guess we just have to take one step at a time. Good luck!