June 9, 2010

the inner geek...

i'm a geek and i like statistics.

to that end, i put google analytics on the blog because i was interested in knowing who, if any, are reading it.

well, i got a surprise. i have readers!! w00t!!

its a curious thing, who is reading this and where they come from. needless to say, analytics does not in any way record any personal information. the most specific it gets is what city you are in. but it is interesting none the less.

for example there has been 806 unique visitors, who, between them have visited 3078 times. over the course of those visits, they viewed an average of 1.9 pages. good stuff!

but thats not all. they have come from 15 different countries including the cayman islands, egypt, jordan, brazil, austria, singapore, russia and hong kong. i mean, how does a tinpot blog like this end up being viewed in such exotic countries? and what do they think of Harlow's adventures?

needless to say, the most visiting countries are new zealand, australia, america and the uk.

but it gets stranger. there are hits from 10 different german cities on june 1st. 10 different cities. in germany. i don't get it. i could understand 1 city, maybe a google search returned the blog as a result and they had a nosy, but 10 different cities? on the same day? that stretches coincidence a little...

there are timing statistics as well. the most common duration someone is on the blog for is 0 to 10 seconds. to the tune of 80 percent of all visits are 10 seconds or less. ha ha >:]

what about where visitors come from? most common is a direct link, most probably from the emails i send out, but the next most common sources are ohbaby, facebook, twitter and google.

i know this is small fry in terms of blogs, but i find all this kind of stuff ... fascinating.


  1. So I was touring Germany in my new BMW M5 and I had my smart phone set to auto-refresh your blog in case anything interesting came up while I hit 10 different cities.

    I was sorely disappointed.

  2. I recommended your blog to my friend about to have a very pre term baby(in aus) and she prob recommended it to several of her friends..kinda spreads like that..and i visit often for under 10 secs to see if there is a new post.. you update often which makes it interesting for us:)

  3. That is really interesting!! I visit every couple of days just to see but I am an OhBaby forum mum.

  4. I don't know any of your family at all (hope that's not too weird) but I found your blog on a google search about nicus and it is just so interesting, I have been reading the whole thing. Great to hear about nicus from the family's perspective. You guys seem like a really cool family, really supportive of each other, hope you are all doing well :)