June 19, 2010

fight the good food fight...

the great food fight of 2010.

bigger than a david tua match or a david vs goliath; this should be an olympic sport! a battle of wills, a contest waged in the fiercest of conditions...

man ... vs baby.

i thought i would let you all know what the feeding situation is like over here in the Harlow home. it has been ... up and down. there are some days where Harlow shines. he manages his feeds with such finesse that you would think he had been born to do it. then there are days where he doesn't give a rats patootie and he will not even pretend to be interested. these are the days where it's hard.

for five days he shone with the fires of pride and accomplishment as he managed to complete the three day time feeds. for five days. Justine and i looked at each other and thought that the end of the tube may be just around the corner. wOOt!! that would be something.

of course, all good things come to an end. each night when he sleeps, Harlow has oxygen. one night, one of the taps was not turned on, and the oxygen did not flow. ever since then, the feeding has been substandard. for three days he took virtually nothing from his bottle. little toad. he is now starting to recover the ground that he has lost. we have turned the 10pm feed into a bottle feed and he is doing okay. this is all theory of course, we have no concrete evidence that it was the oxygen that caused him to lose ground.

needless to say, that damn oxygen bottle is checked twice and then twice again when he goes to bed.

i don't know if its related or not, but his sleeping routine has totally ... collapsed. he will sleep 45 minutes and then stay awake so long that he is too tired to feed anyway. then he will go down again ... for another 45 minutes and ping! again he is awake.

come on man, sleep a little!! you may as well get some practice in for your teenage years...

in a nutshell, that is most of the problems with Harlow wrapped up neatly in only a few paragraphs. if only the problems could be dealt with so easily.

all things will be well and all manner of things will be well ... with a little time.

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