February 14, 2011

shout it out loud!!

yeah .. im lookin' at you
hello dear reader,

it would appear that our wee boy is growing up! he has outgrown his tubes, he has outgrown his wires, his beeps and burps ... well, wishful thinking there i guess, he is my boy after all.

over the last month, the oxygen bottles have been returned, the apnoea monitor has gone back and the feeding pump has gone to feeding pump heaven. he no longer needs these things, these things that once kept him alive. he is no longer on the endangered species list.

woo and hoo `:)

there has been one more change over the last month, our social worker Lorraine has also moved on to other children, children who need her more than Harlow does now. this is a vote of confidence from Lorraine, its only when the babies complete all 7 exams that they are considered qualified to roam around without minders/ keepers/ those who give guidance.

[ actually, if you could hear him right now, you would swear that he was a normal, if slightly grumpy child. he is currently howling at the indignity of having to go to bed. ]

even the food thing is mostly a non-issue now, he eats with gusto! mostly! the last hurdle is him drinking out of a cup, he tends to gargle a bit, then look surprised while it dribbles down his chin...

so, dear reader, it looks like all is going well, all systems green, all orifices are being used in the correct manner.



  1. OMG! He has grown SO MUCH!!! He is absolutely gorgeous!! Well done guys!!

  2. The banty rooster will live to cock-a-doodle-doo for a great length of time! yai :)