September 27, 2010

cough ... cough ... cough cough cough

respiratory issues. curse of the modern prem baby.

we were warned when Harlow came home that he may get respiratory issues over winter that would land him back in the hospital. well, winter has passed and he has not had any problems. yay! we thought, we are some kick ass parents! haha, as everyone who has ever been bitten by fate knows, fate is a young girl with a magnifying glass thinking about anthills.

for the last couple of days, Harlow has been coughing and coughing. his brothers have all just had or still have colds, so we thought Harlow had a cold also. the symptoms were the same, but there were differences. a temperature, green gunge in the corners of his eyes, both of which are not associated with having a cold.

last night it kinda got out of control, he was awake for hours, his feeding was not going well, he was hot! so hot! around lunchtime today Justine took him to the hospital. he was admitted pretty much straight away, he looked pretty bad.

turns out he has bronchitis! "that's not so bad" i hear you say... and normally you would be right, but with chronic lung disease it becomes a whole bigger deal.

that was yesterday. this morning he was a bit better, talking and the like, but as the day wore on, he started degrading again. slept most of the afternoon away, making little mewling noises.

this evening he perked up again after scoffing some pamol, he was very noisy after that.

and ... that is where we are at the moment. Justine is spending her second night at the hospital tonight, with my turn tomorrow night. the doctors think he could be there for a couple of more days...

he is back home now, he came out on tuesday after spending ten days in peads. he is still hacking up a lung, but that is expected to last for a few more weeks. he is essentially well again tho...


  1. I hope your little guy is doing better. I was following your tweets from the hospital. xx

  2. Bah. Lame. Hope things are looking better.